building your freelancing career as a student
building your freelancing career as a student

Building your Freelancing career as a student can have many advantages, and small downsides. As such, an increasing number of students are tempted by freelancing.


Freelancing as a student can offer you more job security compared to the minimum wage jobs your peers are employed at, more financial security as you generally get paid more for working less hours, and at the end of the day, you’re your own boss and who doesn’t want that?! In case you are among those who wish to turn freelancing as a student into an actual career, here are some of our tips to help you on your way:

Sell yourself as a pro

– If you’ve ever considered freelancing as a student, you’ve probably also asked yourself who would hire you when you don’t even have a degree or any experience. Generally, clients don’t actually care. What matters is the quality of the product you can turn out. So, go out there and sell yourself as a great designer or great writer or great whatever else you’re freelancing as. Believe in your own skills and communicate your true value to any potential client. This way, freelancing as a student can turn into a full-on freelancing career fast.

Be on the lookout for any opportunities

– Starting your freelancing career as a student, you will most likely have to start small. One of our favourite ways to develop a reputation and a portfolio is by volunteering. See it as investing time in yourself. If you hear of any acquaintance or friend or relative that requires something done which you could do as a freelancing student and add to your portfolio, do it. Do it for free, if you must. Ask for a recommendation or testimonial in return. If you’re freelancing as a student and are considering turning this into a career, investing some time will be, of course, necessary, just like it would be for any other career.

Don’t sell yourself short

– We’re aware this might sound contradictory with what we’ve just said, but we promise you, it’s not! There’s a distinct difference between volunteering and being underpaid. Once you start getting jobs as a freelancing student, don’t settle. Research the market and price your work accordingly. Don’t let your clients bully you into a lower pay, just because you’re freelancing as a student. And on the same note, be wary of freelancing platforms, for the exact same reason – you’ll generally be underpaid. Therefore, if you’re freelancing as a student and want to make this your career, know your worth and don’t settle if you don’t have to. Find clients that can appreciate the quality you’re delivering and pay you accordingly.

Freelancing as a student can turn into a very profitable career, if you know what to look out for. We’ve told you some of our best tips and pitfalls to avoid when on your way to being a freelancer pro and hope they will get you started on the right path!

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