I upgraded from 10.12 Sierra to 10.13 High Sierra, the installation failed, and I fixed it on my 13″ MPB Early 2015.

This is what I’ve been trough for fixing my mac!

The first thing that bugs me, is the fan and high temps. The fan does not go bellow 68 degrees. This is almost 10 degrees more than Sierra, in IDLE.

I can not see any actual differences in the software so far.

The installation of High Sierra took about 1.5 hours.

First time, when I tried to actual upgrade to High Sierra it totally crashed my macbook.

The installation failed, with the error “High Sierra can’t be installed on your computer”. Which was fine. I rebooted, promoted me to enter my password, so far so good. The password was not working anymore! Hmmm, okay. I have a backup.

Bellow, there was an option to reset the password with my Apple ID. I’ve clicked that, started loading… and kept loading for about one hour. I tried to force stop the mac (long press on the power button). The macbook’s screen turned off. Okay. I tried to press it again. No sound, no movement, no image. Hm. The thing is not even powering on anymore.. I did not had the charger with me.

1 hour later, one trip to the work and back, got the charger.

The charger was working, but the thing will still not turn on! Started to get a little frustrated. Also, I’ve noticed that the macbook was however how. Therefore, my guess that it was never powered off. I waited another hour no change, the macbook was still on. I tried Command R, to reset it. No sign of turning on or off. At that moment I started to panic.

Luckily I found the bellow picture.

This brought my macbook back to life, because of upgrading to High Sierra.
SMC Reset, High Sierra Upgrade failed,
SMC Reset, High Sierra Upgrade failed, and fixes



After the Macbook booted, I pressed Command R, wiped the whole drive, reinstalled Sierra from scratch, everything started to work normally again. I’ll get back with updates shortly.

Currently I’m going to live dangerous and keep trying High Sierra.


UPDATE October 2017

So far, I’ve used High Sierra on daily use. I’ve decided to delete everything and reinstall from scratch.

The whole install took less than 40 minutes. Everything. After 40 minutes, I was up and running.

So. I spent with the fresh install more than 2 weeks.

What I’ve noticed after more than two weeks after clean installing mac OS High Sierra? 

The temperature, is still a bit higher.

The intern file managing is balzing fast. You can see this reflected on how fast you copy something. This is because the new file system Apple introduced with this release, APFS.

APFS vs HFS+ ? I see almost no difference

Now, let’s not quite rush the things. On a daily usage, the macbook pro early 2015, was already fast enough and highly optimized for running apps. It was really fast before. It’s really fast now. I see no difference here.


How does the new High Sierra OS works for you ? I’d appreciate letting us know, in the comments bellow.

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