You’ve opted for a career as a freelance tester, you’ve certainly observed that one of the main advantages to working as a freelance tester is the fact that you get to be in charge of your own workload. Burning out, is quite easy.

However, for some freelancing testers this could quickly turn into an issue. While some freelance testers will find that they have trouble finding clients, other freelance testers will have the exact opposite issue.

Now, you may ask yourself how that can be an issue.

The answer is simple – burnout. You’ve heard of it, you’ve lived in fear of it, we’re here to tell you some of our favourite tips for all you freelance testers out there who want to avoid burning out:


tips for avoiding burnout
tips for avoiding burnout
Raise your rates

Burning out as a freelance testers happens generally because you’re simply overworked. One way to handle this issue is by raising the amount of money you’re charging your clients.

This way, you will both sift through your client base and eliminate those that aren’t willing to pay your new rates, and still maintain your income, with less time and effort put in.

Target elimination of your lowest paying clients

If you’re trying to avoid burning out as a freelance testers and your clients have all agreed to your newly raised rates, then the next thing to do is simply give up the clients that bring in the least work (and cash).

Upgrade your client base

 In some cases, for freelance testers who have started out with little experience, there is a tendency to severely undercharge your clients.

This should be fixed by raising your hourly rates.

However, it doesn’t apply in case your entire client base is both paying you meager amounts and bringing in just one-off projects.

What you will want to do if you’re looking to avoid burning out as a freelance testers is to start marketing yourself and reel in better clients, clients who will both pay higher rates and bring in ongoing assignments.

This will free up some of the time you spend looking for new clients or in discussion with them, and thus help you avoid burning out as a freelance testers.

Go for the agency model 

For some freelance testers, our previous tips just won’t work out due to the sheer amount of work they’re getting.

If you find yourself in this position as a freelance tester, then you might want to consider hiring a couple of other people to work with you.

This will allow you to both take on bigger clients, which you alone might not have been able to handle, and take some of the pressure off of yourself and steer you away from burning out as a freelance tester.

Burning out as a freelance tester is certainly no joke and most of you will probably face this issue sooner or later in your career as a freelance tester. However, We hope that these ideas will help you avoid burning out as a freelance tester for as long as possible.

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