Looking for remote Automation QA job, with Protractor JS – End to End testing.

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Automation QA Tester Looking for ProtractorJS job
Automation QA Tester Looking for ProtractorJS job

I have about 6 years experience in development (mainly with JavaScript) and about 2 years, hands on experience with Protractor JS.  

I absolutely love what I do, and sometimes I just love talking about tech stuff, and I absolutely love a good challenge.

The main catch and issue is that, I need the gig to be remote. So far all the recruiters that I talked to told me that they need local QA’s… I understand this requirement, but I need understanding from both sides!

If there’s ANYTHING you can do, to find me something to work on, I’d be thrilled, and I’ll gratefully appreciate it.


Automation QA TESTER for hire. Experienced with JavaScript, Protractor JS.

I currently have finished two big projects, built from scratch with ProtractorJS. One based on a ionic app, and one based on an angular 1.6 app.

I have 500 + commits, myself.

Why you should consider me for your project:

  • strong knowledge of manual testing, I can understand the importance of the business approach of product testing, and I am always looking to improve the quality of the product.
  • plenty development experience, I am familiar with JavaScript, front-end, backend, I absolutely love a good challenge.
  • I find QA way more interesting because of attention to detail requirement, and I am always willing to take an extra mile for just for making sure that everything works the way it should.
  • JIRA, plan.IO, trello for bug management.
  •  willing to learn and use other tools and constantly improve myself.
  • currently available around 25-30 h/week, I am available for long term commitment.
  • I absolutely know how to be a team player.

I am willing to sit down and show/talk code, and see if I am actually fit for your projects, or if we have a spark.

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Get My resume HERE.

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